Shall I Get In The Hot Tub?

Without question…if by “Hot Tub” you mean Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s a really funny movie, like some kind of impossible mash-up of Better Off Dead, Back to the Futures I and II, and Big….in reverse.

But is Hot Tub Time Machine the only time travel movie of its kind? I mean the specifics of the time travel. The hot tub in question sends each main character’s 2010 consciousness back into the driver’s seat of their 1986 selves, but kind of leaves their 2010 bodies in some sort of limbo, to be returned to when each 1986 Body/2010 Consciousness returns to the hot tub.

Come to think of it, the hot tub must somehow temporarily turn off each 1986 Consciousness, too.

Do other movies do this? Have I seen one of them and I’m just totally forgetting it, like an idiot? Totally possible.


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